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The first 100% community owned online resale marketplace

Do Good

When you partner with StyleCrush to fundraise, you're not just doing something great for your school, you're doing something great for the planet.

In the US alone, we discard millions of tons of clothing every year. Much of that goes straight to landfill, and even items that are donated are rarely re-homed locally. Instead they enter a global secondhand market, and often end up polluting the environment in the countries absorbing our cast-offs.

It doesn't have to be like this: polls show 70-80 percent of people are already interested in shopping secondhand. By encouraging your community to put the clutter in their closets to good use and shop from your school's dedicated shop, you're helping to make it easy + fun to break free from fast fashion.

At StyleCrush we're also really committed to helping people feel good in what they wear. Whether you're a fan of eclectic vintage finds or prefer a polished, professional look, the exciting thing about secondhand is that it can truly provide something for everyone. And by using what's already produced, we're creating a more sustainable future -- together.

Join our community and discover a new way to shop that benefits you and the planet. With StyleCrush, you're not just fundraising for your school - you're making a meaningful difference.

We empower schools to fundraise using community members' closets.



Partner with StyleCrush to turn secondhand style from your community's closets into a powerful fundraising vehicle for your school.


Build Community

Build community in-person and online with a fun-for-all-ages live clothing swap and dedicated online shop that work together.

Leverage Our Marketplace

Fundraise all year while reaching more shoppers through your school's dedicated e-commerce shop powered by StyleCrush.

Partner Benefits

Support Your School

Our unique fundraising model makes it possible to earn money for your school continuously -- 24/7, 365 days a year.

Promote Sustainability

Your pop-up resale shop and online shop invite more people to choose secondhand as a first choice.

Educate Your Community

Participants learn new ways to relate to clothing, closets and consumption that they can use in their day-to-day lives. 

“When I attended the StyleCrush Pop-Up Resale Shop, I was absolutely obsessed by the way it was organized, the fun of the event, the selection and the underlying twin purposes: to spread the understanding of the sustainable fashion practice of swapping clothes in community and to provide charitable funds to a school. The experience moved me so much, I worked to hold one for my own children’s school!”

Stephanie Gisondi-Little, attendee + personal stylist

Let's Talk Dollars

How much can your school raise? Run all the scenarios with the StyleCrush Fundraising Spreadsheet.  

See It In Action


Making 2nd Hand an
Easy First Choice


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