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The first 100% community owned online resale marketplace

Fundraise for Your School

Fundraise for your school by Partnering with StyleCrush! Together we can turn your community’s closets into a powerful money making tool in an easy, fun, and educational way.

We know that most of us have clothes hiding in our closets that we never wear. In fact, the average person has almost $300 worth of unworn clothes just waiting to be put to good use. That’s why we’ve created the StyleCrush Swap & Shop Program. It’s an exciting way for schools to turn their community’s unused clothes into meaningful revenue for important programs and initiatives. 


Campaigns kick off with a clothing donation drive and in-person pop-up swap & shop stocked with your community’s pre-loved clothing. We’ll manage ticket sales, a silent auction, and offer personal styling sessions to raise funds at the in-person event, and bring everything needed to set up the space. 


When it’s over, our team of experts will sort and style the best of the remaining inventory, adding them to your dedicated online shop, powered by StyleCrush. And the best part? You don’t have to do any of the work. We’ve got experienced clothing swap hosts, e-commerce experts, and secondhand style advocates to handle all the shop management needed to create a passive fundraising stream that can be shared with your extended community near + far. 


We’ll be with you every step of the way, making it easy and fun to turn closet clutter into a powerful fundraising tool for your school.

We empower schools to fundraise using community members' closets.


Build Community

Build community in-person and online with a fun-for-all-ages live clothing swap and dedicated online shop that work together.


Do Good

Contribute to a more sustainable world and share the fun of reuse while raising real funds for the causes you care about most.

Leverage Our Marketplace

Fundraise all year while reaching more shoppers through your school's dedicated e-commerce shop powered by StyleCrush.

Partner Benefits

“When I attended the StyleCrush Pop-Up Resale Shop, I was absolutely obsessed by the way it was organized, the fun of the event, the selection and the underlying twin purposes: to spread the understanding of the sustainable fashion practice of swapping clothes in community and to provide charitable funds to a school. The experience moved me so much, I worked to hold one for my own children’s school!”

Stephanie Gisondi-Little, attendee + personal stylist

Continuous Fundraising

Our unique fundraising model makes it possible to earn money for your school continuously -- 24/7, 365 days a year.

Dedicated Online Shop

We take the hassle out of running an online shop. Merchandising, customer service, shipping + more -- we've got you covered.

Graduated Revenue Share

Reach $3K in quarterly sales, and our standard 50-50 revenue share on online sales increases to send 75% back to your school.

Let's Talk Dollars

How much can your school raise? Run all the scenarios with the StyleCrush Fundraising Spreadsheet.  

See It In Action


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