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Style Crush makes it easy for anyone looking for an accessible, inclusive way out of fast fashion to find pre-loved treasures. We filter the endless volume of secondhand clothes into hyper relevant mini-collections, highly personalized to your individual needs. 


It’s a human driven, tech enabled solution.


Initially the most obvious path to fruition was the one paved by venture capital financing. But something always felt off about that.


And then 2020 came. With many opportunities to re-evaluate the obvious paths. With the injustices of wealth inequality and systemic racism on full display. With an overdose of toxic masculinity.


The “off” feeling about VC funding crystallized:


If supporting the fashion industry’s exploitative practices around the world is a no-go, how could we seek backing from a system that is also inherently extractive? In both its funding choices and its profit margins, venture capital systemically favors those who are male, those who are white, and those who are already wealthy.


The great news is that there’s an alternative structure that provides inherent pathways for profits to flow back to the people who drive its success: the buyers and sellers.


In this model, it’s YOU, our community, at the heart of the business! 


TL:DR: We are beyond excited to be building Style Crush as the first member-owned, cooperative marketplace in the online resale space! 


If you’d like to learn more about becoming a member/owner, the journey of launching a cooperative business, or meet the founding team, join our our next Values + Vision call!

And what even is a cooperative resale marketplace?

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