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Who is StyleCrush Anyway?

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We’re a diverse group that got together because we love thrifting, but hate the way it’s currently offered online: options that are overwhelming for buyers and rarely profitable for resellers.

We knew there had to be a better way. A way to make thrifting so easy anyone could do it, regardless of their age, gender identity, size, ability, bank account, or bandwidth.

We think we're on to something big. And we think a platform this special should belong to its community. 

Want a sneak peak?? Join our community now to see how it works and to help us grow!

Is it easy to use? Will it raise profits to share with our community?

These questions guide every decision at StyleCrush.

We believe profits from a marketplace should flow back to its community. By making StyleCrush a member-owned cooperative, we're building that principle into the foundation of our organization. 


We'll never have outside investors pressuring us to do things that are better for the bottom line than our users.⁠

It may mean we have to grow a little slower than our VC backed competition, but we think that's actually a benefit. Prioritizing growth over functionality is what created this mess to begin with. ⁠

Curious? Join for free to learn more + stay up-to-date.

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