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What's an Element anyway?

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Element: It's our unique way of taking everything that makes a specific garment special and unifying it so it's searchable in one click.  

When you see an outfit you love, it should be easy to find look-alike items in your size/budget/fav colors.
If you’ve been crushing on a puff sleeve, cropped crewneck sweater you shouldn't have to sift through 1,482 plain jane crewnecks to find something similar.

That's why we're organizing our marketplace around Elements. We bundle all the things you love about a garment and make it easy to find related available inventory.

Using Elements

When you browse our outfit inspo bank, each look is broken down into the Elements it's made up of. From there it's simple to browse what's available in our marketplace ~ or better yet, just wishlist exactly what you want and let our community of stylists bring options to you.

Know you love an element?

Click on any Element's icon and you’ll find all the outfits in our inspo bank that feature it!
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