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The first 100% community owned online resale marketplace

Build Community

The StyleCrush Swap + Shop program turns closet clutter into a fundraising vehicle for your school.


The program is designed to generate revenue to support school programs and initiatives, but just as important are the numerous opportunities for your community to come together both on-line and in-person. Through the program they can learn how to make more sustainable wardrobe choices, build new habits that protect the future of the planet for our kids, and let’s not forget the FUN! 


The clothing swap is everyone’s favorite part. It raises money through ticket + inventory sales, silent auctions, and personal styling sessions, and gets everyone excited about the amazing clothing contributed by your own community.  


Within a week, your school’s dedicated online fundraising shop will launch, powered by StyleCrush, to keep the fundraising going all year long. It provides a place for your community to continue supporting your school all year long by doing something they’re already doing anyway - buying clothes. 


We take care of all the hard work, from merchandising to inventory management and order fulfillment, so all you and your school’s supporters need to do is enjoy the process and spread the word.

We empower schools to fundraise using community members' closets.



Partner with StyleCrush to turn secondhand style from your community's closets into a powerful fundraising vehicle for your school.


Do Good

Contribute to a more sustainable world and share the fun of reuse while raising real funds for the causes you care about most.

Leverage Our Marketplace

Fundraise all year while reaching more shoppers through your school's dedicated e-commerce shop powered by StyleCrush.

Partner Benefits

Fundraising that's FUN

Our unique fundraising model brings your school community together for an in-person event that eveyone loves.

Ongoing Connection

With your hassle-free online shop up and running, your community can keep supporting your school.

Beyond Local

Partners are also instantly part of the StyleCrush community, further expanding your school's reach.

“When I attended the StyleCrush Pop-Up Resale Shop, I was absolutely obsessed by the way it was organized, the fun of the event, the selection and the underlying twin purposes: to spread the understanding of the sustainable fashion practice of swapping clothes in community and to provide charitable funds to a school. The experience moved me so much, I worked to hold one for my own children’s school!”

Stephanie Gisondi-Little, attendee + personal stylist

Let's Talk Dollars

How much can your school raise? Run all the scenarios with the StyleCrush Fundraising Spreadsheet.  

See It In Action


See it in Action

Tailored Blazer.png

Tailored Blazer

Making 2nd Hand an
Easy First Choice


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