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The first 100% community owned online resale marketplace

Pop-Up Resale Shop Partner Program

All that Glitters
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We empower schools to fundraise using community members' closets.

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How It Works

Clean Out

Members of your school community clean out their closets. With the help of StyleCrush, their donations become a stylish, sustainable fundraising vehicle for your school. 

Pop-Up Shop Live

An in-person pop-up resale shop brings your community together to have fun, shop sustainably and fundraise for your school through event ticket sales, clothing sales, silent auctions + more.  

Shop Online

With StyleCrush as your partner, your school can continue raising funds all year through a dedicated online shop open to your community - and every shopper on the StyleCrush marketplace.

Partner Benefits

Continuous Fundraising

Our unique fundraising model makes it possible to earn money for your school continuously -- 24/7, 365 days a year.

Dedicated Online Shop

We take the hassle out of running an online shop. Merchandising, customer service, shipping + more -- we've got you covered.

Graduated Revenue Share

Reach $3K in quarterly sales, and our standard 50-50 revenue share on online sales increases to send 75% back to your school.

Let's Talk Dollars

How much can your school raise? Run all the scenarios with the StyleCrush Fundraising Spreadsheet.  

“When I attended the StyleCrush Pop-Up Resale Shop, I was absolutely obsessed by the way it was organized, the fun of the event, the selection and the underlying twin purposes: to spread the understanding of the sustainable fashion practice of swapping clothes in community and to provide charitable funds to a school. The experience moved me so much, I worked to hold one for my own children’s school!”

Stephanie Gisondi-Little, attendee + personal stylist

See it In Action

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Tailored Blazer

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